Bunny Love

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As I have mentioned, we take any opportunity in our house to make an event of anything. Easter is approaching and of course my daughter and I dyed the customary eggs. This year we did them in the Disney Princess style. We will be at our home this year so I decided to have an egg hunt and invite a …

Elegantly Inexpensive

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I am often asked of late from my bridal clients what they can do to have an elegant affair without dropping a ton of money. In my mind as a professional planner, attention to detail is what makes one wedding (or any event) stand out from the others.  For a small amount of money, (or none in some cases), a …

Contagious Calendars

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SOME people make fun of my over sized erasable calendar that hangs in the hallway near the entrance to my garage door and laundry room! One time my brother and best friend thought it would be really funny to erase some of my activities, (each category has a designated color-red for my daughter’s activities, purple for the baby sitter, orange …

Life Enhancement-Try it you might like it

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You may notice that I have a category on my blog roll entitled LIFE ENHANCEMENT. How does that tie into getting organized you ask?  I, as a planner, happen to be naturally able to organize, however I am human and life does happen and it can mess up even the best laid plans! So, with that said, I am a …

It’s a Bed Habit

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Try making your bed as soon as you get out of it. If you have kids to tend to ask them to help you with yours and their own!  Making the beds right away leaves one less thing to do later and for me, it signals the start of my day.

Plan To Be Irish For a Day

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In our house we celebrate it all-we always look for an occasion to do something to fun and different. St. Patty’s day is fast approaching and I am a wee bit Irish (1/4 to be exact).  Anyone can do these things to make this day a special one: For breakfast make pancakes and add green food coloring-yum Go to http://orientaltrading.com …