Put Your Signature on Your Wedding Day

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I seem to always have couples that like to follow their own style regardless of what is current. I LOVE this!!!! We are so inundated these days with social media and visions of what a bride should be doing for her wedding day; everything from decor to invitations follow a fashion trend in the wedding world. If you are a …

Home Org Job- The PlayRoom

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We all know that kids need a place to play and I am actually DYING to finish my basement so my daughter and friends can have a place to mess up and I can just close the door:) With that being said, the kids’ area still needs to purged and reorganized periodically. Sit down with your children and ask them …

Did You Get More Desks?

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So on the final day of my home organization job my client’s friend was there and when she saw the clean basement office she asked, “Oh, so did you get more desks?”. The answer was NO they were the same two desks just NOW YOU CAN SEE THEM! We cleaned the entire basement but this area was particularly tricky; the …

No Mud in the Mudroom

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So I know a mudroom is the area to toss all your stuff but even my mudroom is organized! I was complaining to a dear friend the other day that my husband lets the shoes he wears to work pile up in our mudroom. She asked me if we have a “no shoe” policy in my home. I told her …

Clean Up Your Act Part Deux

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So here are the AFTER photos of the master bedroom and the foyer. We moved the small love seat from below the bed and the setai from the bedroom to the foyer creating a much nicer look, more space and one less place to toss clothes! LOVE seeing clean dressers! FREEDOM!