Plan To Be Irish For a Day

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In our house we celebrate it all-we always look for an occasion to do something to fun and different. St. Patty’s day is fast approaching and I am a wee bit Irish (1/4 to be exact).  Anyone can do these things to make this day a special one: For breakfast make pancakes and add green food coloring-yum Go to …

Cookin Good

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If you cook for a family on a regular basis it can become a chore:try to sit down on Sundays and plan your menus for the week -choose simple meals with repeat ingredients-it will make food shopping easier and save you some money.

Snow day olympics- a fun way to organize

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So if you live in the Northeast like I do chances are you have already had a few snow days and you are stuck inside! These long days provide an excellent opportunity to clean out and organize. Of course for many of you, uncovering those “unknown” areas of your home is an overwhelming and less than fun task.  For many …

Be Mine…for less

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I think so many people struggle with the so called holiday of Valentine’s. I had a conversation recently with my sister who called attention to the fact that Valentines is a manufactured holiday that seems to cause stress for couples to do something romantic (and pressure for singles to find some one to be romantic with!) Whether you are in …

Welcome to the Plan-it Productions Blog!

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So I decided to write this blog because I have seen a real need to help people get organized in life.  By trade I am an event planner and if you ask my husband, our entire life is one big planned event! I think this field was my calling, my destiny ..( as it turned out an acting career was …