Clean Up Your Act

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So Plan-it has ventured into a new area of events! We are in the process of completing our first home organization job! For years people have been telling me that I should be doing this- even had a friend’s husband offer me money to “get his wife organized!” What it really is about, especially in the beginning, is purging! A room cannot be decorated or restructured until all the “stuff” is gone. It is funny what people see and don’t see as the issue but bottom line, it’s about the clutter. Once that is removed then the organizing process can begin! I am going to share before and after photos with you throughout the process.

It is amazing to see the transformation from room to room and sometimes it is something as little as moving things from one space to another- to where it belongs. My brain works in a way where it compartmentalizes things. Items should be stored in specific places that make sense. For example extra tooth brushes don’t belong on the dining room table. Actually NOTHING belongs on an unset dining room table except maybe a vase or some candles!For me, it is very similar to directing or coordinating an event like a wedding. There is a certain structure that needs to be in place. I look at the big picture, in this case the individual room, then focus on the details. In this post I will show you the client’s master bedroom and upper level foyer. We threw out a ton of junk that had been in drawers for who knows how long then we rearranged furniture and found new homes for clothes etc.

Here are the BEFORE:

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