Home Org Job- The PlayRoom

Cristie Woodard Get Organized 0 Comments

We all know that kids need a place to play and I am actually DYING to finish my basement so my daughter and friends can have a place to mess up and I can just close the door:)

With that being said, the kids’ area still needs to purged and reorganized periodically. Sit down with your children and ask them what they still play with and what they don’t ; let them be a part of clean up job! (Of course you could be that awful mom like I am and go through things when the kids are not around and toss what you never see them use.) Here are the photos of my client’s playroom both before and after and I MUST say when I went back for the last day of my job the kids had done a FAB job keeping things in order- the room still looked great! Sometimes it just takes finding new homes for stuff and keeping out the toys and art projects that are used often. I like things to be organized by type of item and usability. Target, Michael’s and Walmart all have tons of awesome decorative boxes and bins just suited for kids toys and art supplies. No need to spend the big money at Pottery Barn!

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