No Mud in the Mudroom

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So I know a mudroom is the area to toss all your stuff but even my mudroom is organized! I was complaining to a dear friend the other day that my husband lets the shoes he wears to work pile up in our mudroom. She asked me if we have a “no shoe” policy in my home. I told her I guess so because I DO like the shoes left off. Of course if you come to my house you will not be forced to leave yours at the door unless they are a fab pair of Manolos! (ever see that Sex in the City episode??) Anyway, I digress.

On my most recent visit to my home organization job we tackled the mudroom which also houses the laundry room which is more like a big closet. My feeling about space is that when you have less of it it must be even MORE organized. My assistant and I started with cleaning out the area that houses the washer and dryer and all the cleaning products. We tossed a ton of stuff especially half emptied bottles. When you have the same product in two bottles you should combine them or better yet only use on bottle at a time and then toss it when empty. We found new homes, (mostly donation), for things that were being “stored” on top of the washer and dryer. We emptied shelves of old bubble bottles and re-stacked all the pet supplies. (Mr.and Mrs. Guinea Pig were relocated from the foyer to this mudroom space- we think they will be very happy there.)

Once all the clutter was gone we were able to organize the necessary things: paper towels, TP, laundry detergent etc- the stuff that belongs in a laundry area. In the actual mudroom space we removed a rack that held coats. We were able to move some coats to closets elsewhere in the house that had space and we donated a bunch! The next plan is to get more wall hooks for apparel and make better use of the wall space in this room. Here are the before pictures:

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