Put Your Signature on Your Wedding Day

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I seem to always have couples that like to follow their own style regardless of what is current. I LOVE this!!!! We are so inundated these days with social media and visions of what a bride should be doing for her wedding day; everything from decor to invitations follow a fashion trend in the wedding world. If you are a couple getting married think about what YOU like- what speaks to you. The more personalized the event the more it will mean to you and who knows you may start a new trend! Some things I have seen couples do are actually things that seem to stand the test of time and some are things the couples created themselves!

-Have a signature drink! I have seen this done for over ten years but somehow it seems to be a tradition that doesn’t go out of style. Chose a custom cocktail that can be featured at the bar; it may be a drink you had when you were dating or a family concoction. In one bride’s case she wanted a non-alcoholic beverage prior to the ceremony. She had old fashioned lemonade in a mason jar. (The mason jar NEVER seems to go out).

-Monograms! I have couples put them on cocktail napkins, use as cake toppers, on chair covers and even in a custom made gobo for the dance floor!

-Recreate a family recipe! Ask the caterer to cook up one of your family’s traditional dishes. One of my couples had this special meatball recipe and the caterer replicated it for all the guests. Nothing like food for nostalgia. (something old) This same couple also brought into New York their favorite oysters and shuckers from Boston.


-Bobble Head cake topper!!!!! This creative bride and groom had “mini mees” made to look exactly like them. This was BY FAR the most original creation I have seen!

-Email invitations. Now while I am not a fan of this as I like the traditional paper invitations, many couples are using wedding sites for their invitations. It is environmentally responsible, saves on money and reminders can easily be sent to those who don’t RSVP in a timely fashion. (we all know those people)

-Wedding websites. There are a ton of sites out there now where couples can create their own event site to include the couple’s story, events leading up to the big day, photos of engagement parties and showers. All the details of the wedding day to include hotel and transportation information can be listed on the site.

-Choreographed first dance. I had one couple that did the traditional African American jumping the broom ritual at her ceremony and an umbrella dance at the reception. Maybe pick a dance that is unique to your family traditions. Another option is to have your own wedding dance choreographed to your favorite song!

So many ideas out there for your wedding day and nobody but you can make your day unique! Pinterest is a terrific way to get new ideas and also ask your family members about special traditions!

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